Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TV NEWS: New Cheerios on "Glee," New Series for Alex O'Loughlin, and more

• On "Glee," Coach Sylvester's latest scheme involves recruiting Kurt and Mercedes to join the Cheerios!

Kristin Kreuk will finish up her arc on "Chuck" when it returns March 1. Meanwhile Brandon Routh's role has been extended for the second time. I guess he's not as evil as I thought, although Chuck might beg to differ once he steals Sarah away.

• "Friday Night Lights" has set an end date. Its last season premieres next Fall. :(

Detective Beckett will have a new love interest on "Castle" by the end of the season.

• A "Better Off Ted" employee has already scored a new gig. Andrea Anders (Linda) has been tapped to star opposite Matthew Perry in his new ABC sitcom "Mr. Sunshine." She'll play his tomboyish friend-with-benefits, while he plays a stadium manager who realizes he can't be a playboy forever.

• Since "Numb3rs" is rumored to have been canceled, it looks like David Krumholtz is switching gears and joining a half-hour comedy where he plays an IRS agent. Produced by Ron Howard and written by an "Office" writer, it sounds like something to checkout.

Alex O'Loughlin ("Three Rivers" and "Moonlight") was just officially cast in CBS's resurrection of "Hawaii Five-O," as well as "Lost" soon-to-be-alum Daniel Dae Kim.

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