Sunday, February 14, 2010

TV TOPIC: Best 2010 Valentine's Day Episode

Hey everyone,

After watching all the Valentine's Day episodes of the week—from the fatal restaurant robbery in "Mercy" to the unrequited love in "Grey's Anatomy" to the humiliating escalator incident on "Modern Family"—I've decided that the best V-Day episode honor goes to...[drum roll]..."Parks & Recreation." And here are the reasons why:

1) Gal-antine's Day: It's a friend-lunch celebrating the love you have for your female friends. Brilliant. Corny and brilliant!

2) Leslie loves hearing her mom's first-true-love story every year and her boyfriend Justin suggested finding the guy, which led to a lovely misinterpretation of a word. She had me dying laughing when she didn't understand what a "nooner" was. Ron told her boyfriend to explain it to her later, but I really really really don't want him to. lol Why spoil the fun for the rest of us?

3) Tom thought the best way to convince his ex-green-card wife to go on just one date with him was to blackmail her by suing her for alimony. So romantic.

4) Mark got Ann every single cliche V-day gift that's ever been given (flowers, chocolate, perfume, jewelry, etc.), because he's always wanted to do that, so he thought he'd do them all.

5) April broke up with her cynical gay boyfriends, finally submitting to Andy's charm. She acts as his band's sole young groupie at the senior citizen's dance, and he serenades Ann's dismay. Uh-oh!

Leslie made a crack about John Mayer, and how Jennifer Anniston deserves better. He's having a bad week. lol

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