Sunday, February 07, 2010

TV RECAP: "Vampire Diaries": Anna's Agenda, Alaric's Search, and Stefan's Betrayal

This week wasn't as productive as last week, but there were still a few juicy secrets divulged.

Alaric's Search
I couldn't understand why Alaric hadn't killed Damon yet. Granted, after attacking Stefan with a stake and failing miserably, it's obvious he's not strong enough to go toe-to-toe with him yet, but he hasn't even made an attempt. Instead, he's been chasing a diary and photocopying it like he's writing a thesis. Luckily, after a little sit down with a menacing-but-merciful Stefan, we learned that even though Alaric saw Damon feed on his wife, he has no proof that she's dead. Damon heard him coming and disappeared with her body, so he could've stashed her lifeless corpse in the woods, or he could've turned her and she never went back home. Either way, Alaric just wants to know where she is. Riiiight...but what does that have to do with a century-old journal? I have no idea. He chalked it up to "research." Doesn't that sound shady? I mean, who does extra credit anyway?

Anna's Agenda
My theory was right. Anna does intend on freeing someone from the tomb, her mother Pearl (Kelly Hu from The Scorpion King). She turned Ben recently so that she could use him to seduce Bonnie. I thought they were in love, but he's just a needy newbie, who felt insecure about having no future and is subsequently willing to do whatever she asks since she gave him a new purpose in life. While he may be interested in her and a bit jealous of Jeremy, she isn't even a little bit interested in him. Her mind is completely focused on freeing her mom. When Damon remembered who she was and confronted her, she admitted they had a mutual agenda and told him what she had discovered. She read Elena's uncle's journal, which she stole from Alaric, and learned that the location of the witch's book, which contains the reversal spell, was hidden in his father's tomb. Since she thought that her olive branch would buy her a seat on his free the vampires committee, he corrected her by telling her that he preferred to work alone. I'm not sure if she later kidnaps Elena for leverage or to use her in the spell, but I am sure that Ben kidnapped Bonnie because she didn't recover from her fear quick enough after she spontaneously kissed him and realized he was a vampire. Bonnie's supernatural gifts will probably reignite—pun intended—when she starts to feel that death is imminent, but Elena's fate is looking a little more grim. 

Stefan's Betrayal
See Stefan told Damon that he couldn't find the journal, which is why he used Jeremy to get to Anna. But the truth was that Stefan borrowed Alaric's photocopy of the journal, and together he and Elena figured out the same thing Anna eventually told Damon. By the time he got to the grave, they'd already done all the digging and the book was inches from the fire. Damon grabbed Elena, bit his wrist, and fed her his blood, threatening to snap Elena's neck and make her both of their girlfriend if he destroyed the book. Stefan made the trade, Damon freed her, and later Stefan reassured Elena that soon the blood would be out of her system and she wouldn't be at risk of turning into a vamp. But then she was kidnapped by murderous, vengeful vampires, putting her at risk once again.

In the next episode, Stefan goes to Damon for help to get her back, but Damon responds by saying that he hopes Elena dies. While it's true that most of that hatred is geared towards Stefan, especially since we learned in this episode that it's his fault Katherine was outed as a vamp and subsequently entombed, the rest of the anger was reserved for Elena. He thought he could trust her, that they'd truly formed a bond. When he arrived at the grave, he looked as hurt and betrayed as a person with a soul. He thought she understood his intentions and respected his love for Katherine. Of course, he should've realized that her love for Stefan is just as strong and devious. While I don't necessarily blame Elena for her betrayal, I do look at Stefan in a new light now. He asked his father hypothetically whether there might be good vampires, leading him to deduce that he was referring to Katherine. He put vervane in Stefan's food and waited to see Katherine react. When she convulsed one night, he burst into the room and ordered Stefan to get the sheriff. Being the good, obedient son that he was, he followed the orders. And when Damon arrived to see them carrying her out and shoving her into a wagon, he turned to Stefan and solidified the rift between them. Earlier in the episode, Stefan warned Elena not to fall for Damon's attempt at romantic heroism, because he has never been trustworthy. But it turns out that Stefan was the one who started the vicious circle of betrayal, therefore Damon has every right to betray him forever more.

Also, when their father burst in to finger Katherine as a vampire, he told Stefan that he must've been compelled into loving Katherine, and for a second it seemed like Stefan was considering it. Perhaps that's why he believes it now. I wonder, since she turned them, if Katherine can compel them even though they are vampires now. I imagine she won't want to share them with Elena and it'll be the only way to make sure of that. Either way, I'm a little bummed that Elena and Damon aren't friends anymore. I kind of liked how cheeky he was being when he appeared at the foot of their bed in the morning and they became defensive because they were naked under the sheets. He cleverly reassured them, "If I see something I haven't seen before, I'll throw a dollar at it." He treated her like a friend and even a confidant, something that Katherine never truly was. I wonder who he'll side with if Katherine tries to kill Elena. There was a part in the flashback when Katherine taught Damon how to entrap a human, where she tells him to dispose of the bodies in the woods so that the other animals can finish them off. She doesn't perceive herself as human, and I seriously doubt she'll want to treat one like an equal.

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