Friday, March 26, 2010

CAST WHO?: Jennifer Lopez's Love Interest in "Overboard" Remake

I understand that Jennifer Lopez hasn't had a major grossing film in five years, and she's jonesing for sure-things, but that's no excuse to resort to just plain theft.

Rumor has it, she's interested in starring in the remake of Goldie Hawn's Overboard. If you don't remember, that's the 1987 rom-com where she plays an obnoxious heiress who falls off her yacht and gets saved by her middle class carpenter (Kurt Russell). When she wakes up with amnesia, her husband decides to take advantage of his freedom and not pick her up from the hospital, and the carpenter decides to take her in and pretend that they're married so he could basically have a live-in maid and nanny for his four sons.

It's a bit comforting to know that the original writer is involved and Will Smith is producing, but does that mean he'll star? The male lead has to look blue collar and capable of working with his hands. I'm tempted to suggest Matthew McConaughey or Ryan Reynolds, because they've proven themselves in rom-coms, but they look too clean-cut. Unless they grew scruffy, unruly beards, it wouldn't be believable. What about Channing Tatum? Hmmm, she might look like she's babysitting him. lol Oh god, I hate to suggest this, but what about Gerard Butler? Oooh or maybe Mark Wahlberg. That would be a hot pairing.

Who would you cast?


  1. So, if Jennifer Lopez is definitely going to star in this remake, I would probably choose Kevin McKidd as her co-star blue-collar carpenter. In fact, I would probably choose him even without her as one of the main characters. He would be hreat for this part.

  2. I love Jennifer Lopez and all, but what about Kate Hudson. I think she would be fantastic!!