Thursday, March 25, 2010

TRAILER: Queen Latifah & Common's "Just Wright"

I HATE romantic comedies that are so unbelievably unrealistic when it comes to how guys fall for women. Call me crazy, but I've never seen an uber hot guy check out a fat woman or a braces-wearing woman or an unstylish woman from across the room and say, "Man, I just have to meet her." Nope! The female characters in rom-coms are always movie-ugly: wearing sweat pants, didn't comb their hair, or *gasp* not wearing any visible makeup. So I've always eye-rolled at any scenario where someone who wasn't a size 2 managed to score the hottest guy in school (or even just the hottest guy in the film).

However, I don't mind the more realistic portrayal of how the average sized woman manages to get the guy. They might not cause them to spaz at first sight, but over time—after a proper courting period of conversation, inside jokes, shared experiences, etc.—they realize that they're actually really attracted to each other. See: She's All That, The Truth About Cats & Dogs, Never Been Kissed, Penelope, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist...I could go on. Of course, none of those women were full-figured, unless you consider the beautiful and nonconforming Kat Dennings full-figure, which would be a crime in and of itself.

Queen Latifah, however, can't shake the description, which is why I'm sure it's been difficult to score roles that producers would probably prefer Halle Berry or Gabriel Union for. Every now and then she's given a romantic subplot, like in Last Holiday, Barbershop 2, and Taxi, but she's never really been seen as a romantic figure. She didn't even have a love interest in Valentine's Day. The movie was named after the most romantic day of the year and she got NOTHING! But it seems that with this film the tide has turned.

Latifah plays a physical therapist and sports enthusiast who manages to catch the eye of a famous basketball player (rapper Common). By the trailer it seems that she must've done something rowdy and congratulatory in the stands to get a meet-and-greet with the player, and in return he agreed to take her out. But somehow her skanky friend (Paula Patton from Precious and Deja Vu) swoops in and golddigs her way into his heart. To keep him away from other skanks, she begs Latifah's character to help him with his knee injury, which gives them time to get to know each other. And of course, once he becomes unbankable, Patton's character loses interest and it's up to Latifah's to reinvigorate him professionally and emotionally. Soon enough, he realizes she's exactly what he needs, but once he gets better Patton's character swoops back in. Who will he choose: the money-grubbing hottie or the devoted, average everywoman? Even if you already know, it's refreshing to see.

Release Date: May 14, 2010

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