Thursday, March 25, 2010

TV: Laura Linney's New Showtime Series "The Big C"

I haven't seen that many Laura Linney films. Of the ones I have seen (Dave, Congo, Love Actually, and Driving Lessons) though, she's been pretty impressive. However, I didn't think I'd want to watch her in a half-hour series about a woman who battles cancer...until I saw the trailer for it:

She's funny. It's funny. Her prankster son (newcomer Gabriel Basso) is funny. Her spunky brother (John Benjamin Hickey) is funny. Even her smart-ass student (Oscar-nominated Gabourey Sidibe) from Precious) is funny.

According to the IMDb description, she's playing a suburban mom/teacher who tries to find the humor in her recent diagnosis. By the trailer it seems like that translates to rediscovering who she is, not taking no for an answer, and doing whatever the hell she wants. I'm all for positivity, reinvention, and rebellion, so count me in. Expect to see the premiere on Showtime after "Weeds" August 16th.

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