Wednesday, March 10, 2010

TV NEWS: New Shows for Scott Foley, Sean Faris, Patrick Fugit, and more

• I noticed, after seeing Scott Foley ("Felicity," left) on "Cougar Town," that he's grown increasingly attractive over the years. Fatherhood has done him good. ABC must've noticed too, since he's been tapped for a role in their new cop drama "True Blue," which "revolves around six former best friends who rose through the ranks at the San Francisco Police Department and reunite to solve the murder of one of their own." Sounds like it could be interesting, especially if there's a conspiracy among them.

Sean Faris got his feet wet with "Vampire Diaries" and now The CW has recruited him to star in an untitled drama, where he'll play a horse trainer who becomes the patriarch of a Wyoming family. Horses? Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Patrick Fugit (above), the breakout star of Almost Famous, will be starring alongside Debra Messing's ("Will & Grace") in a new ABC comedy, "Wright vs. Wrong." In it, Messing plays "a driven conservative pundit who tries to maintain her public persona despite facing her own vulnerabilities," and Fugit will play "her contributing writer, a liberal NYU graduate." I think humor was his best quality in Almost Famous, so I'm glad that he's continuing down that road. I just hope Messing won't be Grace-over-the-top.

• Looks like Dana Delany has overstayed her welcome on Wisteria Lane. ABC just greenlit a medical drama that she's headlining called "Body of Evidence." She'll play a "medical examiner whose background as a neurosurgeon gives her a unique and refreshing crime-solving perspective but puts her at odds with nearly everyone." I guess we'll see if she can carry an entire series by herself.

Cheyenne Jackson (left) has been giving us the giggles on "30 Rock" this season as Jenna's hot competition. But soon he'll get the opportunity to play more than just a supporting character in ABC's new family comedy "It Takes a Village." The show "revolves around exes Karen (Leah Remini from "King of Queens") and Howard and their new significant others, who join forces to raise their 15-year-old boy." Talk about a FILF.

• I thought it was weird that the Oscar-winning Kathy Bates was on "The Office," but now it all makes sense. Seasoned actors always get their feet wet before they try to headline their own series, and networks feel the need to test-drive them on one of their other established shows to make sure they're a rating's magnet. I wonder what that means for Hilary Duff, who has failed to segue into a new series after stints on CBS ("Ghost Whisperer"), NBC ("Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"), and The CW ("Gossip Girl"). Anywayz, Bates will be starring in NBC's drama "Kindreds," a law series about "a curmudgeonly former patent lawyer and her group of misfit associates." Brittany Snow ("American Dreams" and Hairspray) has also been tapped to play her assistant.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar ("Raising the Bar") is switching gears back to comedy now that he's established himself as a serious actor post-"Saved by the Bell." Now all he has to do is nix the double hyphenated first name. TBS has tapped him and Breckin Meyer, another B-list actor who needs to redeem himself after stints in "Clueless" and endless Garfield movies, for an hour-long comedy called "Franklin & Bash." They'll play independent lawyers and bff's who get recruited by a huge law firm after winning a high-profile case. "Bash has an uncanny ability to connect with a jury and judge, and Franklin is bent on sticking it to the Man." Sounds like Gosselaar found a way to stay in the court room and get a laugh…hopefully.

Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly and Cheaper by the Dozen) just scored her own spy series on USA called "Covert Affairs" that sounds awfully similar to "Chuck." She'll play "a multilingual CIA trainee unexpectedly promoted to field operative while reeling over a mysterious ex-boyfriend who appears to be of particular interest to her agency bosses."

• Turtle is getting a new love interest on "Entourage" in the form of Dania Ramirez ("Heroes").

Coby Bell is joining "Burn Notice" as the token minority a season regular this summer, playing "a cocky and sarcastic counterintelligence expert with a chameleon-like ability to assume different cover identities and an intense desire to see bad guys get punished. After his career ended under suspicious circumstances, Jesse is committed to finding out who burned him and tracks down the one person in Miami he has something in common with."

• Trying to establish itself as a little more than the lol network, TBS is beginning to develop a few dramas. One of which manages to pull in two demographics. It's set in the 80s, but it's about college kids, so not only will it attract a younger crowd, but also their nostalgic parents. "Glory Daze" will follow a group of students as they learn the lessons that will shape their futures. Surprisingly enough, TBS recruited a veteran comedian, Tim Meadows ("The Bill Engvall Show"), to play an inspiring and radical professor. 22-year-old former Disney star Kelly Blatz (Prom Night and Disney's "Aaron Stone") will lead the series as a "socially inexperienced freshman who joins the wildest fraternity on campus."  Julianna Guill (2009's Friday the 13th) will play the girl every freshman guy wants to date (and by date they mean screw). Then there's the cast that makes up Blatz's frat brothers: Callard Harris ("Sons of Anarchy") is "the bright light of the frat house, charismatic and willing to bend the rules"; Matt Bush (Adventureland) is the comic relief; newcomer Hartley Sawyer will play the star athlete; and Drew Seeley (Another Cinderella Story and Stuck in the Suburbs) will play the aspiring politician. It kind of sounds like "Friday Night Lights" meets "Jack & Bobby" meets "Greek"…and I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

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