Thursday, March 11, 2010

TV TOPIC: Boss-Hating on "Rules of Engagement" -

I saw "Rules of Engagement" this Monday and Timmy, Russell's assistant, spent most of it griping about how torturous it is to work for Russell. The other assistants who were listening to the tales of woe that he had experienced had horror stories of their own. I know that I've bitched about bosses to fellow co-workers in my past, and even about fellow co-workers, but I didn't realize how universal the feeling of wanting to be freed from a (un)professional environment was until I saw the website on Thrillist.

Ok, I know from seeing films, like Office Space, and TV shows, like "The Office" and "Better Off Ted," that co-workers can say and do some seriously stupid shit. But I sincerely thought that in a declining economy, people would be a little more grateful about being employed. I am...however, if there does come a day when my boss feels the need to rest her bare feet on the desk right beside me while wearing a skirt, or bang her phone three times while screaming "Fuck!," or have a loud phone conversation about how she and her siblings should commit their brother to an insane asylum, then I have somewhere to vent anonymously.

Check out a few gripes that are on the site today:

They should make a skit series where they act all of these out. lol

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