Thursday, April 08, 2010

TRAILER: Resident Evil: Afterlife

Returning Cast: Jovovich, of course. Plus Ali Larter (Claire) and Spencer Locke (K-Mart). Women have an uncanny ability to survive longer than the guys in this saga. Doesn't bode well for the male newbies…

New Characters: Wentworth Miller ("Prison Break") plays Chris, Claire's brother, who was technically supposed to be in all of the films. 26-year-old newcomer Shawn Roberts (Edge of Darkness and I Love You, Beth Cooper) replaces Jason O'Mara ("Life on Mars") as the Chairman of Umbrella. And Kim Coates (Tig from "Sons of Anarchy") most likely plays a bad guy.

Plot: In the last scene of Extinction, Alice declares war on the Umbrella Corp and enters a lab with thousands of her clones. Now it's time to make good on her threat.

Release Date: Sept. 10

Verdict: It looks like Claire has stepped up her fighting skills. I'm looking forward to these two kicking some ass. However, I would've liked a little insight as to what role Miller plays within the group. In the video game, he's supposed to rescue his sister. So I want to know if he's just along for the ride or if he actually has something to contribute? Also, towards the end, when two people jump through a window, you can see that one (or both?) of them is a clone. I just wonder how many will be in the film. Did she send them all over the world to kill all of the zombies, while she takes out the corporation that created the virus or did she bring an army? And, most importantly, do they have the same gifts/powers that she has? In the last film, it seemed like the corporation had trouble replicating her exactly, so maybe not. I guess they could just serve as really good decoys.

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  1. I thought exactly the same thing. there's a lack of correlation between the console version and the movie version. Although, a movie based on a video game is quite the precedent