Thursday, April 08, 2010

CRUSHWORTHY: Scott Michael Foster from "Greek"

"Cappie!!!" That's the general exclamation whenever a "Greek" fan sees his smug mug on TV. He's been charming the pants off of America for the last three years as a lovable slacker on the ABC Family comedy series about the brotherhood and sisterhood that grows within the Greek system. Why have I not deemed him Crushworthy before? Foster's character is hilarious and cute, but I couldn't really imagine how he would succeed outside of the ABC Fam bubble.

It wasn't until there were rumors that "Greek" would soon end after this season, that I started to really think about where the actors would land after the series was over. Spencer Grammer, who plays his girlfriend Casey, is all set because she's Kelsey Grammer's ("Frasier") daughter. Clark Duke, who plays the lone religious zealot Dale, already has a burgeoning film career (Hot Tub Time Machine and Kick-Ass). Jake McDorman, who plays the resident frat snob, always seems to bounce back ("Quintuplets," Aquamarine, Bring it On: All or Nothing, and like 8 seconds in Live Free or Die Hard). And Aaron Hill, who plays his best buddy Beaver, is set to appear in Kellan Lutz's gladiator epic Warrior. But what's Cappie up to next? And will his fans ever love him as anything other than Cappie?

Last Fall, Foster starred in his first feature film, the tragic, adolescent, love story Teenage Dirtbag. I watched it on Netflix's Instant Watch, because I was curious to see if he could play the angst-ridden bully who falls in love with a preppy, self-important bookworm. He was extremely convincing. [watch a clip, especially at 8:54] As I struggled to catch glimpses of Cappie in his character Thayer, noticing a common laugh and playfulness, I started to wonder if there was a little bit of Thayer in Cappie. Now, whenever I watch the show and Cappie gets angry or serious or intense in anyway, I think back to that depressed and isolated antihero. I'm reminded that he can do more, and that he's entrancing when he does. Here's hoping he gets the chance to.

In this Seventeen magazine interview, they ask him what his dream role would be and apparently it's starring in a buddy cop film a la Lethal Weapon:

The only project IMDb has listed for the future is an indie comedy, where he'll be apart of the supporting cast. But hopefully, once trend-watching executives start tuning into the show to see Duke in action, they'll catch a glimpse of Foster and realize the hidden potential. Of course, since he's a main character, it'll be a little harder for him to devote four months to shooting a film. But I'll still keep my fingers crossed.

That said, watch this:

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