Thursday, April 01, 2010

VIDEOS: In honor of April Fools, start laughing

I wouldn't say I'm a naturally funny person, so I defer the hilarity to a combination of Youtube and Funny or Die videos. The latter has actually remodeled their site for the day to say "Bieber or Die." It's just as funny as you think.

Justin Bieber Takes Over
My favorite part is when he says: "I once ran into a club and they said, 'Sir, you're not old enough.' So I bought the club and I made it into a Chucky Cheese. Now who's old enough bitch?" lol

Also, I'd like to defend my appreciation of Bieber by showing you one of his many other talents. You can't deny the kid is talented.

This is my favorite comedy troupe on Youtube: Reckless Tortuga. They don't just do race-related jokes, but they do delve into some pretty hilarious stereotypes.

MADtv's Bonquiqui
It may be a stereotype, but I've met that girl...that persona...and she's just as hilarious in person.

"Lost" Scene
Here's a little humor from an unlikely source: Sawyer on "Lost," mocking the undead version of John Locke. Only he would have the cojones to.

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