Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TRAILER: "The Expendables" vs. "The A-Team" vs. "The Losers"

I really didn't think Sylvester Stallone's action film The Expendables was going to amount to anything. The general consensus is that the 62-year-old former action star has exhausted the franchises (Rambo and Rocky) that made him an icon, and couldn't possibly reinvent himself at such an old age. Well, he's about to change that opinion. I admit it. I was one of the naysayers. I didn't think Rocky Balboa was that bad, but I refused to watch his 2008 Rambo revival. I was tired of supporting his recycled material. But after seeing this trailer, I have to say I'm actually impressed.

The key to these type of films is to include funny one-liners, great fight scenes, attractive people, a romantic storyline, incredible stunts, and a righteous agenda. Expendables, unlike the other two films I will compare it to, is light on humor because of its gritty tone. But what it lacks in laughs, it makes up for in stunts performed by its incredible cast of action vets: Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV), pro-wrestler Steve Austin, and Terry Crews (Gamer).

Release Date: August 13

I like The A-Team's star-studded cast of Bradley Cooper, Liam Neeson, Jessica Biel, Sharlto Copley (District 9), and Patrick Wilson (The Watchmen), but it seemed a little off.  There weren't any fight scenes and the one-liners weren't really that funny. Maybe it would've been more entertaining if it had a little more Biel in it.

Release Date: June 11

The Losers, on the other hand, not only has a charismatic and sexy cast, consisting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana, Columbus Short, and Chris Evans, but its one-liners are funnier, fight scenes are better, and stunts are more impressive.

Release Date: April 9

Ok, so A-Team's mid-air tank assault was pretty impressive and the idea of Statham and Li kicking ass again sounds awesome, but the Losers' stream seem like they're going to be more entertaining all-around. My only gripe with Losers is how ridiculous Evans looks trying to pretend to be a tech geek. Really? The guy with the huge muscles and sexy five o'clock shadow? You slapped glasses and a t-shirt on him and decided that that screams geek. *eye roll*

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