Wednesday, March 31, 2010

MUSIC: Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight"

Christina Aguilera, the 29-year-old little mama, is back from her 2-year maternity leave with the new single "Not Myself Tonight" off her upcoming album Bionic, which hits stores June 8th. In interviews, the former Pop diva has said that she's going in a new direction, but fret not fans, that direction still involves plenty of sex appeal, which is evident by the orgasmic scream that starts this new single off.

What differs though is the genre, which is hinted at in the album's title. She's exploring more electronic dance beats and taking on a futuristic style. Rumored to be featured on the album are the British electronic band Goldfrapp, The Neptunes, M.I.A, Santigold, Flo Rida, Australian Pop singer Sia, and American dance-pop-punk band Le Tigre. You could say this is a byproduct of the Lady Gaga revolution that's swept the Pop industry. Former divas are having to get crazy with their appearances and their content, in order to keep up with the budding ingenue. But I think, after hearing this track, Aguilera will succeed where Jennifer Lopez has failed.

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