Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FILM: Rogen & Streisand, Live Action Tinkerbell, New Mystique, and more

Stanley Tucci is rumored to be directing Tina Fey and his buddy Meryl Streep in the mother/daughter comedy Mommy and Me set in Hollywood.

• If Shia & Stone's Wall Street sequel scores at the box office, a trend will soon begin where studios will start churning out recession/finance-related films. Ridley Scott is prematurely on-board, tapping Leo DiCaprio for The Wolf of Wall Street to play a money-grubbing stock broker who cheats clients for his fattened share.

• Just when you think you've got Seth Rogen pegged, he signs on for the roadtrip comedy My Mother's Curse to play Barbara Streisand's son. His character invites his mother on a cross-country road trip to sell his organic cleaning product to market outlets, secretly hoping to reunite her with her childhood sweetheart. Meanwhile, her hidden agenda is help him overcome his fear of commitment. Dan Fogelman (Cars) and Anne Fletcher (27 Dresses and The Proposal) wrote the script.

• The producers rebooting Mad Max are so confident it's going to do well they're currently shooting two movies simultaneously called Mad Max: Fury Road and Mad Max: Furiosa. Looks like Tom Hardy, who made his name with Layer Cake and RocnRolla, and can be seen next weekend in Inception, could either have a franchise to jumpstart his career...or tank it. Currently, he's so popular, he's even up for the British police drama The Sweeney up against Daniel Craig, Ewan McGregor and Orlando Bloom.

Elizabeth Banks is going to play live-action Tinkerbell. After seeing her bubbly mischievous character on "30 Rock," I buy that.

•  There's a remake of 1977's Oh God! in the works, with Betty White as God and Paul Rudd as the putz she calls upon to tell the world she is real (and probably that she's a she). It's sort of like Bruce Almighty except he has no way of proving that God exists, just blind faith.

• I wonder if it's a conflict of interest that Zachary Levi ("Chuck") might be up for Superman, a role his former castmate Brandon Routh famously bombed in.

• Wait a second. I thought Han died in Tokyo Drift. How is he in a photo for the Fast and the Furious sequel, Fast Five? They're saying it might be because this film follows the 2nd film's timeline. Hopefully that means Michelle Rodriguez gets to be in it. Of course, if it is a "flashback" we already know what happens next, which is lame.

• Child star Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense) just signed on for the pretty original virginity comedy Sex Ed. "The story follows a college graduate who dreams of teaching high school Algebra. Due to budget cuts though, he ends up teaching sexual education - a bit of a problem as he's still a virgin." It already sounds hilarious.

 • It's interesting that Jennifer Lawrence ("The Bill Engvall Show") is going from Sundance winner Winter's Bone to X-Men: First Class to play Mystique. She's either successfully diversifying her resume or selling out. lol

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