Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CRUSHWORTHY: Ian Harding from "Pretty Little Liars"

Where you've seen him: As a preppie in the indie Adventureland and as the Katy Perry teen-dream-equivalent for girls everywhere on "Pretty Little Liars."

Why he's Crushworthy: Let me start off by saying that while he may look like he's in his early 30s, he's actually 23. I'm older than he is, which decreases the perv factor of pretending to date a high school student tremendously. Then there's his broody five o'clock shadow visage, his non-sleazy, non-sex-crazed character, and everything about him that screams boy-next-door. He's like James Marsden (27 Dresses) meets Matt Long ("Jack & Bobby"). I give him five years before he starts poaching Hugh Dancy and Matthew Goode's roles.

Where you can see him next: Since his character just got back together with Aria, I imagine another season of tension-filled clandestine meetings are in store for him. Of course, he could easily do guest spots on "Gossip Girl" or "Vampire Diaries" if producers caught sight of him.

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