Friday, August 13, 2010

CRUSHWORTHY: James Callis from "Eureka"

Where you've seen him: As the title character's gay bff in Bridget Jones's Diary, a doctor on "Battlestar Galactica," an autistic savant on "Flashforward," and most recently a scientist pulled from the past on Syfy's "Eureka."

Why he's Crushworthy: It's like if Don Draper-turned-private-eye was transported to the future—the slow dramatic drawl, the confident demeanor, the dapper suits, the squinty reflections, the forthright flirtation, and the quaint 40s colloquialisms. He's the only guy who can call a woman's legs "gams" and refer to her affectionately as a "dame," and not seem like an archaic misogynist. And to think, Callis could be even dreamier if he used his British accent.

Where you can see him next: He just wrapped the indie comedy Meet Pursuit Delange, and it's looking like he's a permanent part of "Eureka" now that it seems impossible for him to return to the past.

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