Friday, August 13, 2010

CRUSHWORTHY: Noam Jenkins from "Rookie Blue"

Where you've seen him: As a recurring character in the Saw series, a nosy cop on "Covert Affairs," and most recently a detective on ABC's "Rookie Blue."

Why he's Crushworthy: He's got this smooth way about him, like he could convince you to do whatever he wants. Except he's a cop, so he uses his powers for good...most of the time. Generally, detectives that are dating rookies are married pervs looking for some inexperienced tail on the side. But he's single, committed, and malleable. He makes an effort. Whenever he flubs, he makes up for it. Whenever he sees a potential barrier in the relationship, he maturely addresses it. She has a kid, so he makes it clear that he likes kids. She doesn't want everyone to know about their relationship, so he keeps it discreet. She wants to work dangerous beats, so he tries his hardest not to hinder her career. It's literally gotten to the point where women in the world find "trying" sexy, because quitting never will be.

Where you can see him next: You can see him this Halloween in Saw 3D.

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  1. Totally on board for this one. Not only is Noam Jenkins a versatile and talented actor (loved him in State Within and Adoration) but Jerry is actually a guy who isn't afaraid to say what he feels and go for what he wants. Angsty, brooding characters might build tension, but they are so darn annoting.