Friday, August 13, 2010

CRUSHWORTHY: Nolan Gerard Funk from "Warehouse 13"

Where you've seen him: As the bad boy singer in Spectacular, Nickelodeon's answer to High School Musical, and Claudia's oblivious boyfriend on "Warehouse 13."

Why he's Crushworthy: Not only can he sing a lot better than most actors who star in teen musicals...

...but he managed to convince Syfy fans that he was worthy of the cooler-than-cool Claudia, who, up to this point, was more interested in science than she was boys. Who could blame her? He's a perfect example of why some girls have a glasses fetish. Visual impairment has never looked so good.

Where you can see him next: He's starring in the horror thriller Bereavement.


  1. Nolan Funk for spectacular.2!woooooooooooooooo.go warehouse 13>ohyeah!

  2. Where can you see warehouse 13. Is it just a Canadian show. Sorry to ask. Great blog!

  3. Syfy channel and their website: