Sunday, November 21, 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Shakira's "Sale el Sol"

Shakira is one of the very few Latin artists who manage to ping-pong between Spanish and English albums and still maintain a global fanbase. What's interesting about the Columbian crooner is that she doesn't just settle for bilingual domination. While it's considered that she's already conquered the Spanish market, technically she's only done so from a Columbian standpoint, using instruments and melodies that are native to her people mixed with a little pop and rock. Her latest album Sale el Sol ("The Sun Comes Out"), however, uses merengue, which is a type of Spanish music homegrown in the Dominican Republic. And to bolster her Caribbean theme, she recruited Dominican rapper El Cata, successful Puerto Rican crossover rapper Pitbull, and the Latin Grammy winning rap group Calle 13 to guest-rhyme on four tracks. This is what you would call mainstreaming in the Spanish-sense of the industry term, since a majority of the Spanish people in America are from the Caribbean. Both Mexican popstar Thalia and Puerto Rican popstar J.Lo have tried their hand at this, but it seems Shakira will be the one to pull it off.

Her first single "Loca" feat. Dizze Rascal (and El Cata on the album) was the perfect sultry start. Below you'll find more hot tracks to dance to. You can just picture her moving her snake-like hips to them:

"Addicted to You"
The song is in Spanish, but the chorus is in Spanglish, so technically you can sing along.

"Gordita" feat. Residente of Calle 13

"Rabiosa" feat. El Cata
The song's title means she can't be satisfied. Her desire is endless and that's made evident by the tone of her voice. There's another version with Pitbull that's in Spanglish.

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