Friday, November 26, 2010

FILM/TV NEWS: Ben Hibon's Peter Pan, New Spider-Man Villain, Lost's Hurley gets stuck on another island, and more

• For those of you who've already seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One, and enjoyed the animated shadow sequence that told the story of three brothers who tried to outsmart Death, you'll be happy to know that the director of said sequence, the Swiss graphic design artist Ben Hibon, has just scored his first live action feature film, Pan. Following the mounting wave of fairytales-turned-cryptic, from Alice in Wonderland to Little Red Riding Hood (like it wasn't scary enough), Hibon will be taking on the challenge of transforming the heroic and nostalgic kiddie tale of Peter Pan into a gritty crime noir where Peter is a child abductor and Hook is the cop on his tail. Considering that the incredibly talented Guillermo del Toro was once attached in 2006, you'v gotta believe that the studios have some serious confidence in the budding ingenue.

• Speaking of mounting trends, Gael Garcia Bernal has been added to Hands of Stone, the biopic of champion lightweight boxer Roberto Duran. The Panamanian athlete is widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time. Al Pacino might add even more cred to the production as the trainer Ray Arecel.

• I'm not even going to address the announcement of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot—the film not the series—because on the one hand, I miss it so much that I'd be happy with any incarnation and I'm intrigued as to who, of this generation's actors, they think could fit into Buffy's skin, but on the other hand, you will never ever ever top the series. Ever. (Side note: Please Chloe Moretz, please don't. You're doing soooo well.)

• I've been ignoring news of the Ghostbusters reboot casting (because I'd rather just hear the full list when it's settled), but I was genuinely excited to see comedian Bill Hader's ("SNL") name as a potential addition to the film. He's just the right amount of goofy that that film needs.

• Of all the actors I thought would benefit from starring in ABC Family's "10 Things I Hate About You," I did not imagine it would be Chris Zylka, who played dopey Joey. This week, he was tapped for the role of Peter Parker's high school bully Eugene "Flash" Thompson in the Spider-Man reboot opposite Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. He's entering the big leagues.

• Did Jorge Garcia's guest-starring stint on the Thanksgiving episode of "How I Met Your Mother" make you miss "Lost" and Hurley's adorable mug? No worries, you'll get to see the lovable lug in J.J. Abrams's latest FOX drama "Alcatraz." (Abrams must have some free time after "Undercovers" bombed.) Before you freak and wonder if Hurley, I mean Jorge, will be imprisoned on yet another island, fret not fans. He won't be a prisoner. He'll be a geek who is an expert on the infamously imprisoned—you got that right. He'll be helping the FBI track down a group of missing Alcatraz prisoners and guards who have suddenly reappeared after vanishing thirty years ago. So it's like "Prison Break" meets NBC's "Chase." Wait. Doesn't that mean the criminals are in their 50s and up? That doesn't sound that awesome.

• What kind of TV role do you give a man who is famous for saying the words, "Bond. James Bond."? Pierce Brosnan is in talks to star in his own series, which will be about "an international operative and problem-solver-for-hire brought in for situations like kidnappings and business espionage." Hmmm, that sounds exactly like FOX's "Human Target" with a side of USA's "White Collar." Maybe if it lands on AMC, it'll get that extra push that the channel has successfully given to three other male driven shows ("Mad Men," "Breaking Bad," and "The Walking Dead").

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