Wednesday, November 03, 2010

BEST TRACK: Emily Osment's "Love Sick"

While I'm elated that 18-year-old Emily Osment, Haley Joel's little sister, has a future beyond playing Hannah Montana's sidekick, I still think she has a long ways to go before she makes a dent in the music industry. She gets a pat on the back for doing better than her first EP All the Right Wrongs, for co-writing all the songs on this new album Fight or Flight, and for finding a nice balance between the danceable Disney/kid-friendly beats and mature non-chipmunk vocals. But the only song I could really endure and enjoy (in the same way that I endure and enjoy Hannah/Miley) was "Love Sick." If you love Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, and/or Ke$ha, you'll love this. It has a similar techno party beat:

That said, I do love her video for her debut single, "Let's Be Friends." It's the right amount of playful bad girl without skanking it up to a pole-dancing degree:

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