Sunday, December 26, 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday"

I, like many others, have been waiting for Nicki's official contribution to the Rap and R&B archives, having enjoyed the seemingly uncharacteristic ballads, "Your Love," "Right Thru Me," and "Check It Out" off her new album. Given her feisty collaborations with Drake, Lil Wayne, Usher, Ludacris, and many more, it was expected that she have equally biting lyrics on her debut album. But I'm glad that it's not all just a tough-as-nails, "Come get me" vibe. Thanks to her multiple personalities, she's able to deliver a broader and more diverse record. Here are my favorite tracks:

"Roman's Revenge" features Eminem and is one of the best tracks on the album. It's just one of those tracks, you get hyped to.

"Moment 4 Life," which features Drake, is my favorite. It's about her rise to the top, how she'll keep rising, and how she wants to cherish these first steps forever. Drake echoes her gratefulness and his loyalty to the people who've brought him to where he is, like Lil Wayne, and who'll always have his back.

I like "I'm the Best," because it's her girl power track, as she proclaims that she is fighting for all the female rappers who thought they couldn't make it. Her best line is actually when she tips her hat to another feisty diva Beyonce: "To all my bad bitches / I can see your halo." On here, she reminds me of Eve, pre-comedic acting career. The one flaw is when she mentions Lindsay Lohan, like she's not up on her current events. Girl's irrelevant these days.

Other tracks that are worth a listen are: "Did it on 'em," which is incredibly immature, but also pretty catchy, "Save Me," which is a love song about needing someone to propel you forward and build you up, and "Last Chance," which features Natasha Bedingfield on the hook.

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