Sunday, December 26, 2010

ALBUM REVIEW: Black Eyed Peas's "The Beginning"

Lately, the BEPs have been releasing at least one track with each album that gets on my last nerve. Not after multiple listens, but on the very first. Last year's was "I Gotta Feeling," which everyone swore was the best thing sliced bread, and this year's is "The Time (Dirty Bit)," where they sample the Dirty Dancing theme song. I have no problem with the Dirty Dancing theme song...when I hear it during the Dirty Dancing movie. I do not, however, wish to hear it every single time I turn on the damn radio—especially in techno. Thank you for ruining a classic. (That's also directed to you too "Glee.")

That said, there are a few tracks off their latest album The Beginning, which is a sequel to last year's album The E.N.D., that will get your booty shaking:


"I do it like this"
[Warning: gets a little carried away with the explicit lyrics on this. Make sure partygoers are not of the faint of heart. You have to get through a lot of perversion before you get to my favorite goofy part which is at 2:40.]

"Love You Long Time"

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