Friday, March 25, 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Britney Spears's "Femme Fatale"

Our former pop princess, who conceded the throne to Rihanna when she shaved her head and let a pap into her bed, still has the good fortune to score great dance tracks ("Till The World Ends," "I Wanna Go," "(Drop Dead) Beautiful," and "Seal It With a Kiss").

The rest of the album either seems like really bad techno or gratuitous attempts at trying to push the I'm-still-a-sex-symbol angle that honestly most of us are a little uncomfortable re-upping after her self-hating self-destruction due to being treated like a sex object with a visible price tag since she was sixteen.

I miss old Britney. The Britney that could dance. The Britney that was bubbly and carefree, and knew how to laugh at herself. This Britney is conscious of what makes her money. Her hearts not in it anymore.

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