Friday, March 25, 2011

FILM REVIEW: Zack Snyder's "Sucker Punch"

I had a lot of hope for Zach Snyder's visually astounding, post-Watchmen, action drama Sucker Punch. I'm a chick, so I was totally on-board for the five female heroines aspect of the film, and since I love action films, I was even more excited to watch them kick ass.

Instead, Snyder weighed the film down with a completely disturbing and depressing tale of sexual abuse, child molestation, pedophilia, and underage prostitution. That is not the core of your average action film. And while I'm sure Mr. Snyder thought it innovative of him to make an action film with substance, what he actually created was two films that were sadistically stitched together. There are children watching this film for the awesome sword-fighting scenes, the dragon battle, and the cyborg throwdown mid-bomb disabling. And even if they shouldn't be, Snyder should've made 60% of the trailer about these girls' trauma, because that's all the audience will ultimately remember, especially since it was bankrupt of awesome one-liners and more than 3 minutes of Jon Hamm. The one bright spot of the film, however, was Oscar Isaac, who played the power-hungry pimp like a pro. He's one of those villains you just love to hate.

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