Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ALBUM REVIEW: Jennifer Hudson's "I Remember Me"

There's obviously a reason Ms. Hudson won "American Idol" AND an Oscar for the musical drama Dreamgirls. She's musically gifted. Just listen to the Mary J. Blige-scorned "No One Gonna Love You," the Kelly Rowland-esque "Where You At," Jordan Sparks-ish "Gone," the upbeat Alicia Keys co-written track "Everybody Needs Love," and the cover "Feeling Good."

That said, I think Ms. Hudson would be better suited to conquer Broadway rather than play the pop diva, because she'll never reach Beyonce levels, which is what every diva should aspire to. She doesn't have artistic vision, and she only co-wrote one song on the album with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder ("I Remember Me"), while Keys wrote one ("Angel") and co-wrote two ("Everybody Needs Love" and "Don't Look Down"). She's still just a pawn. Just look at this lackluster music video where she barely dances as proof:

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