Thursday, June 23, 2011

CRUSHWORTHY: Dylan O'Brien from MTV's "Teen Wolf"

Where you've seen him: MTV's "Teen Wolf"
Why he's Crushworthy: I have to be honest. I'm not exactly addicted to MTV's adaptation of the 1985 film Teen Wolf. I'm a little interested in where this alpha wolf and murder mystery plot is going, but I mainly tune in for one reason: Dylan O'Brien. Full disclosure: I always prefer the sidekick. Always. They get the best one-liners. They're usually adorable—look at those hazel eyes. And they're usually the voice of reason slash the smarter one. Every week O'Brien's character Stiles works overtime to keep his best friend alive, and even though he doesn't have supernatural strength and a killer's instinct, he bravely soldiers on. There is definitely something endearing about a powerless hero. I agree with Stiles—he's the Batman of this duo.
Where you can see him next: The teen romance The First Time with Brittany Robertson ("Life Unexpected" and Dan in Real Life) and Victoria Justice ("Victorious").

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