Thursday, June 23, 2011

VIDEO: Britney Spear's "I Wanna Go"

When I heard that Britney wasn't dancing in the video and that it had an actual plot, I really wanted to see it, because she should really just stop dancing. Her heart is obviously not in it anymore. As I watched, I tried to pick up on all the "winks" to real life gossip headlines. I get that saying "Fuck You" to the press, being overtly sexual towards a fan and a hot cop, and assaulting Terminator-like paparazzi with a microphone is her way of rebelling, but wearing an Avril Lavigne outfit, complete with pink streaks and spiky boots, at age 29, having babies and children whistle lewdly at her, and ending the video like Michael Jackson's "Thriller," with a robot in place of werewolf was both inappropriate and lame. And I would've been psyched to see Guillermo Diaz ("No Ordinary Family," "Weeds," & "Mercy"), but I have this sneaking feeling that he was playing Adnan Ghalib, the paparazzo she dated for two years, which would explain why Diaz is revealed to secretly be a robot at the end too. Is she admitting that dating Adnan was a mistake and that he was as much of a user as the rest of them? If so, that could count as growth. But I would prefer it if she also grew by knowing a crappy video with a poorly executed homage when she saw one.

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