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Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht from "Suits")
Where you've seen him: As an obnoxious and successful drug sales rep in Love and Other Drugs, the hero in the comic book adaptation The Spirit, and Mandy Moore's love interest in Because I Said So.
Why he's Crushworthy: I think Macht really hit his stride when he realized that he's way more believable at the overly confident, suave playboy roles he's getting these days than he is at any other part. He has a way of charming the hate out of his opponents, making even his frenemies envy and respect him.
Best Scene: Whenever he's imparting wisdom on Mike.
Where you can see him next: His USA hit series is sure to be renewed, so we can definitely look forward to seeing him every other season, suited up and ready to talk his way out of anything.

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams from "Suits")
Where you've seen him: In a few guest spots on "Friday Night Lights," "Lie to Me," "Raising the Bar," "FlashForward," and "Pretty Little Liars"
Why he's Crushworthy: He's the poster child for the underdog. He's not overly polished or boastful. He's just your average guy who's trying to take advantage of a prime opportunity. You can't help but root for him.
Best Scene: When he had the opportunity to win the mock trial and take down Rachel when she was on the witness stand, but decided to forfeit instead to spare her feelings.
Where you can see him next: He just wrapped the indie 6 Month Rule with Natalie Morales ("Middle Men") and Martin Starr (Adventureland), and a role in the HBO horse-racing series "Luck."

Brian (Grey Damon from "The Nine Lives of Chloe King")
Where you've seen him: As the reluctant footballer on "Friday Night Lights."
Why he's Crushworthy: It's the brooding eyes, the slick bouffant, the supple lips. He's like straight out of the 50s this kid. Brian is not at all an introvert, but you still get a mysterious vibe off of him that suggests bad boy.
Best Scene: When he used buying a dorky hat as an excuse to talk to Chloe.
Where you can see him next: He should be returning next season, because the mystery of what happened to his mom and where he falls in the Mai mythology has yet to be uncovered.
Hal Mason (Drew Roy from "Falling Skies")
Where you've seen him: On "Hannah Montana" and "iCarly"
Why he's Crushworthy: Immersed in a post-alien invasion dystopia, Hal struggles to be the responsible adult his father and little brothers need him to be, and to be a fearless soldier in order to survive. He risks his life in every episode and is always the first to suit up on rescue missions. In a world full of responsibility-dodgers, he gets more and more appealing with every sacrifice.
Best Scene: When he bravely entered the skitter den, saved his little brother from his skitter master, and killed it.
Where you can see him next: The series was renewed so we can look forward to watching him lead the battalion to retrieve his abducted father.

Terrence "TK" King 
(Mehcad Brooks from "Necessary Roughness")
Where you've seen him: As a basketball player in the drama Glory Road, a disturbed neighbor on "Desperate Housewives," a love interest on "The Game," a demon's boy toy on "True Blood," a lawyer on "The Deep End," and a soldier on "My Generation."
Why he's Crushworthy: It's a combination of his deep voice and cocky smile. He is quite confident that he can get any girl he wants and really no one is disagreeing with him.
Best Scene: When he taught RJ how to flirt with girls at a club.
Where you can see him next: The horror flick Creature, and the thriller Fencewalker with Katie Cassidy (Monte Carlo) and Austin Nichols ("One Tree Hill").

Wilke (Austin Butler from "Switched at Birth")
Where you've seen him: As the older brother in Aliens in the Attic, a kid who was in love with his newly discovered cousin on "Ruby & the Rockits," the jock on "Life Unexpected," and the budding filmmaker in "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure."
Why he's Crushworthy: Wilke started off as a douchebag, but his cold, money-grubbing, law-breaking exterior started to crack once we saw how attentive and patient he was with Daphne, especially amidst all of his close-minded classmates.
Best Scene: When he got Daphne's cooking classmates to stop staring at her and whispering judgmental comments.
Where you can see him next: He'll be in the Lifetime channel movie Bling Ring, a true story about a group of teens who burglarized 50 celebrity homes, with Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing) and Yin Chang (Prom and "Gossip Girl").

Stan "Stiles" Stilinsky (Dylan O'Brien from "Teen Wolf")
Where you've seen him: The indie comedy High Road
Why he's Crushworthy: Stiles works overtime to keep his best friend alive, and even though he doesn't have supernatural strength and a killer's instinct, he bravely soldiers on. There is definitely something endearing about a powerless hero. I agree with Stiles—he's the Batman of this duo.
Best Scene: When he gets the balls to force Lydia to dance with him even though she rejects him twice.
Where you can see him next: The teen romance The First Time with Brittany Robertson ("Life Unexpected" and Dan in Real Life) and Victoria Justice ("Victorious").

Ryder Scanlon 
(Nick Robinson from "Melissa & Joey")
Where you've seen him: n/a
Why he's Crushworthy: Every time I watch an old gangster movie I get bummed that the thick and tough-guy Brooklyn/New York accent didn't carryover into later generations. But if you listen to Scanlon, you'd think otherwise. For a 16-year-old, he sounds straight out of a black-and-white mob movie, ready to take over the city. It's that and his sharp comic timing that make him a stellar find.
Best Scene: Anytime he makes fun of his big sister.
Where you can see him next: In the next season of the series.

Emmett (Sean Berdy from "Switched at Birth")
Where you've seen him: The straight-to-DVD sequel Sandlot 2.
Why he's Crushworthy: You can name a handful of somewhat "disabled" successful actors in Hollywood, and you can attest that a fraction of them are considered attractive. What makes Berdy hot, however, is the fact that when you're watching him you don't remember that he's deaf. His ginger hair, baby blue eyes, sly grin, playful sense of humor, and patient way of dealing with the non-deaf Bay just makes you focus on how sweet and attentive he is. And in spite of his limitations, he doesn't dwell. With or without hearing, he's still the motorcycle riding, photograph-taking charmer that he's meant to be. And that unbound confidence is what makes him hot.
Best Scene: When he speaks for the first time to express his love for Bay, even though he's self-conscious about his voice. And the 1st and 2nd time he kisses her, both by surprise.
Where you can see him next: In the next season of the series, we'll see if he and Bay can maintain their relationship, in spite of Daphne's newfound desire to be with him.

Cameron Hicks (Warren Christie from "Alphas")
Where you've seen him: As the protagonist's romantic competition on "October Road" and a suspect on the mystery thriller "Happy Town."
Why he's Crushworthy: I actually find his series to be incredibly boring. By far the most boring superhero series to date. However, his five o'clock shadow, laidback demeanor, and introverted personality make it worth a look.
Best Scene: When he uses a baseball to break a satellite dish and stop the practically inaudible noise that was annoying Gary.
Where you can see him next: In the romantic action comedy This Means War with Chris Pine, Tom Hardy, and Reese Witherspoon.

K.C. (Tilky Jones from "Single Ladies")
Where you've seen him: In the band Take 5, the action sports drama Never Back Down, the dramedy Every Day, and a messenger with ties to A on "Pretty Little Liars."
Why he's Crushworthy: K.C. was the fortunate recipient in a momentary lapse of judgment on Val's part, resulting in office sex. Because of that, he misinterpreted their relationship and promptly got shoved into the friend zone. Any normal guy would've just moved on and gone after one of his many tattoo shop groupees, but he stuck it out. He tried the friend thing. He was honest about who he was and what he wanted, and he put himself out there, while maintaining a healthy amount of flirtation. What more could you ask for?
Best Scene: When he calls Val on her BS and finagles his way into her life.
Where you can see him next: Nowhere yet, but with any luck he'll come back to woo the ever-single Val.

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