Monday, December 19, 2011

CRUSHWORTHY: Charlie Cox from "Boardwalk Empire"

This year has blessed us with some seriously crushworthy guys. So to countdown the 25 days until Christmas, each day I'll put a spotlight on one actor we wish we could catch under the mistletoe. In this case, Santa rewards the naughty and nice.

{DAY 19} 
The Brit // Charlie Cox
I've seen Casanova and I've seen Stardust, and I have to be honest with you, Charlie Cox has never made that much of an impression on me. He's kind of cute and his skittish behavior was endearing, but not exactly leading man worthy. It would appear though that Cox is more of a character actor. He shines with meatier roles. And he found one in "Boardwalk Empire." Joining Scorsese's HBO series as the Irish assassin who becomes Nucky's new "driver" was the best career move he could've ever made. He may get five minutes of screen time per episode, but they are unforgettable minutes. His quiet confidence and straightforward approach to asking for what he wants—amidst a city full of people who beat around the bush—is chilling. Cox has obviously grown into his own as an actor, and just in time.

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