Monday, December 19, 2011

GIFT GUIDE: 2011 TV-Related Gifts

Check out these awesome gifts for TV lovers:

"How I Met Your Mother"
Silk Suitjama, $100
A reference to Barney's obsession with wearing suits.
The Bro Code by Barney Stinson, $11
Barney's bible of incredibly inappropriate mantras that he lives by.
Custom Paternity Test Onesie, $16
Let's be honest, Barney's been giving Lily the eye a little too much this season. And Bieber's just a little too charismatic for his own good.
"2 Broke Girls"
Custom "Broke Bitches" Apron, $16
Max would love this.
"Hawaii Five-O"
Custom Surfboard, $670
In honor of the pass time that both McGarrett and Kono wish they had more time for.
"Big Bang Theory"
"Soft Kitty" Women's T-shirt, $25
A reference to the ridiculous song that Sheldon makes Penny or his mom sing whenever he's sick.

"Baby Awesome" Onesie
A reference to the child that Captain Awesome and Ellie Bartowski made.
Greendale Community college "Go Human Beings" T-shirt, $26
A fake t-shirt from the fake school that has a creepy mascot and a dorky slogan.
"Friday Night Lights"
Panther Football T-shirt, $26
For those of you who have teary eyes, aching hearts, and have been stricken with loss. <--And most importantly anyone who got that.
"Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"
Thank You Notes by Jimmy Fallon, $12
Fallon's compilation of jokes that come from a Friday night segment where he pretends to write thank you notes that are actually goofy two-liners.
Late Night mug, $14
No one will judge you if you put beer in that mug as you watch your late night TV.
"Parks and Recreation"
Knope 2012 T-Shirt, $26
A reference to Leslie's ambitions to run for governor despite her serious lack of following.
Little Sebastian plush toy, $19
A commemorative toy for the small horse that died on the series and devastated the entire town.
Wood Carving Manual, $65, and Kit, $10
For the Ron Swanson fan who was inspired to take up whittling upon hearing about Ron's interest in it. (Also consider a lifetime supply of bacon, or any meat really, and a mustache growing kit.)
"The Office"
"Future Dunder Mifflin Employee" Onesie, $26
Because chances are that Dunder Mifflin will be around forever and what better place for your child to work at than somewhere where the bar is so low that even an alcoholic, a thief, an adulterer, a cat lover, a beet grower—yes those last two things are as bad as the previous—and a prankster can excel.
"Up All Night" 
Diaper bag for dad from Gucci, $1790
It's rare that you see a stay-at-home dad, let alone one on TV, so it's only fair that such dads get a fairly masculine bag for which to carry such things as diapers, binkies, and breast milk. Doesn't have to be this expensive, but can you deny that it's gorgeous?

"King of the Lab" Lab Coat, $20
A reference to the phrase Hodgins shouts whenever he executes an awesome experiment that helps in an investigation and/or beats an intern to the punch.
Dalton uniform Shirt, $30
They may be rigidly formal little cherubs, but the all-boy private school that competed with the glee club last season has an undeniable style.
"New Girl"
Douchebag Jar, the price of a jar and a post-it
A reference to the jar that Schmidt's roommates forced him to contribute to in the beginning of the season whenever he said something incredibly inappropriate.
Native American Talking Stick, $30-50
A reference to the stick that Jess pulled out to get Nick to tell her how he felt about her accidentally seeing him naked, a method she uses in her classroom.
Classic Roller Skates, $28
A reference to the skates that Jess bought the boys for Christmas, which they put on as soon as they got them to her delight.

Tote bag, $18
"Cougar Town"
Large wine glass, $45 (set of 4)
A reference to the lushes who star in this series and re-appropriate giant glass objects as drinking apparatuses. That's how much wine they drink.
Infinity engraved box, $25
A reference to the box that Emily keeps all of her secrets and the symbol that represents the bond she had with her father.
"Pan Am"
Pan Am luggage, $89
A relic from a time when stewardesses prided themselves on flying with style.

The CW
"The Secret Circle"
"The Nomad" Distressed Leather Journal, $70
All the witches in the coven have a cool leather-bound spell book. And just because magic doesn't exist doesn't mean your friend can't use an awesome-looking journal.
"The Vampire Diaries"
Elena/Rebekah's necklace, $70
The same way fans of "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" flocked to jewelers to get their very own Claddagh ring, true fans of this series will cherish the necklace that started it all and can possibly end it.

"Jenna Lives" T-shirt
 "Make awkward sexual advances, not war." T-shirt, $17
"More Awkward Than Michael Cera" T-shirt, $25
The first shirt is a reference to Jenna's accident that people still believe was a suicide attempt. The rest are just clever uses of the word "awkward" that compliment the series quite well.

"Bored to Death"
Super Ray Comic T-shirt, $18
This is the superhero from Ray's penis-filled comic book. It's about as PG as the comic gets so your friend can sport his fan love without repelling women and children.
"How to Make It in America"
"New York City Eats Its Young" T-shirt, $25
This was one of their first designs that put them on the map. It speaks the truth. And whether your friend is a budding artist/entrepreneur or just a nose-to-the-grindstone New Yorker, they'll bear this mantra proudly.
Custom "Fuckin' Crisp" Embroidered Jeans
On the last episode of the season, the boys revealed their next project: jeans. This is for your cheeky (pun not intended), original friends who shop vintage to get one-of-a-kind goods.
"Game of Thrones"
Targaryen Ring, $35
I...don't watch this show. But people seem really enthusiastic about it, so I imagine a fan would be honored to rock this...3-headed dragon ring. (shrugs)

Population Sign, $60
This would be a lovely addition to frat house decor. A geek frat house, but still.
Global Dynamics Laptop Sleeve, $30
Global Dynamics is the company where all the scientists of Eureka make their discoveries. Encourage your nerdy friend every day with this constant reminder of his potential genius.

Pineapple Cookie Jar, $35
There is apparently a pineapple in nearly every single episode of the series. Fans would love this inside joke.
Pineapple-Stamping Toaster, $40
Who wants regular toast anyway?
YSL Briefcase, $1,595
In the beginning of the series Mike looked like, well, he looked like a poser. It wasn't until Harvey took him under his wing and taught him how to dress and carry himself that he started to have the confidence to want more for himself. You have to dress the part for the life you want. It's pricey, but it's worth it.

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