Tuesday, December 06, 2011

CRUSHWORTHY: Damian McGinty from "Glee"

This year has blessed us with some seriously crushworthy guys. So to countdown the 25 days until Christmas, each day I'll put a spotlight on one actor we wish we could catch under the mistletoe. In this case, Santa rewards the naughty and nice.

{DAY 6}
The New Kid // Damian McGinty
I only watched the first two episodes of "The Glee Project," a reality competition series that would award one talented singer with an arc on "Glee." I have a knack for picking winners and my two favorites were McGinty and his future bff Cameron Mitchell. I didn't think either of their singing was mindblowing, but I found them interesting—their look, their style, their accents. I thought that if they were chosen they'd pop amongst the other supporting actors on "Glee." A lot of time passed before I realized McGinty had won, but once I did, I was excited to learn what his character would be and if he'd have a love interest.

I'll be honest. I was kind of disappointed with what Ryan Murphy came up with. McGinty is Irish—in case you couldn't tell by the last name—and his introductory episode was about Britney thinking he was a leprechaun and him playing along because he wanted to sleep with her. Not only was that a little racist and condescending, it was a total waste of time. New characters should drive the plot, not stall it. Since then McGinty still hasn't been put to good use, aside from his one bullying scene that any other character could've done. And word is that if fans like a new guest star, they might get bumped up to a series regular. My fingers are crossed that McGinty gets a shot at a meatier role, the way Mike Chang and Santana eventually did, even though he's playing a foreign exchange student. The fact is he has the cutest mischievous smile, his Irish brogue is adorable and unique, his baby blues are mesmerizing, and he's a really good actor for a newbie. Given the repetitive storylines on "Glee," he's what I most look forward to every week.


  1. I LOVE YOU DAMIEN :))))
    REBEKAH <3

  2. If you were really his biggest fan, you would be able to spell his name correctly.
    Happy birthday Damian!