Monday, December 05, 2011

CRUSHWORTHY: Max Greenfield of "New Girl"

This year has blessed us with some seriously crushworthy guys. So to countdown the 25 days until Christmas, each day I'll put a spotlight on one actor we wish we could catch under the mistletoe. In this case, Santa rewards the naughty and nice.
{DAY 5}
"The Douchebag" // Max Greenfield
This 31 year old New York native has been in the business for more than 10 years. While he's had three major arcs on TV shows, including "Veronica Mars" and "Ugly Betty," he made his first impression on me when he played Calvin's hot TA boyfriend on "Greek."

But Greenfield has actually been on tons of shows as a guest star, including "Gilmore Girls," "The O.C." (as a young Sandy Cohen), "Life," the "Melrose Place" revival, "Castle," "Lie to Me," "No Ordinary Family," "Undercovers," "Hot in Cleveland," and most importantly "Happy Endings," the series that critics have most compared to the one he is currently on, the one that was his big break.

See, while Greenfield's resume might be extensive and diverse, it's also rather forgettable. "New Girl" is the first time he stood out so much that he stole the spotlight from the lead character and the lead romantic male. Schmidt might be a needy, desperate poser, but he has some of the best one-liners.

Some critics say that Schmidt is to "New Girl" as Max is to "Happy Endings"—perhaps he shadowed him when he was on set—but that's not entirely true. Not only are they interested in different genders and have vastly different employment situations—Schmidt has a job and randomly a limo driver—but Schmidt works exhaustingly hard at being likable and Max is more concerned about amusing himself. I would credit Greenfield's new Crushworthy status to Schmidt's puppy dog eagerness. There's nothing cuter than a guy with ambition—even when that ambition is to get in your pants.

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