Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CRUSHWORTHY: Jamie Dornan from "Once Upon a Time"

This year has blessed us with some seriously crushworthy guys. So to countdown the 25 days until Christmas, each day I'll put a spotlight on one actor we wish we could catch under the mistletoe. In this case, Santa rewards the naughty and nice.
{DAY 13} 
The Dark Prince // Jamie Dornan
In spite of his gruff exterior on ABC's new series "Once Upon a Time," complete with scruffy beard and bad boy leather jacket, his character Sheriff Graham has a very docile demeanor. This weekend we learned that he was the infamous Huntsman who spared Snow White when he was sent to cut out her heart. Dornan was faced with the challenge of playing a conflicted soul, estranged to humans, beholden to the wolves who raised him, and in desperate need to feel something other than obligation. His story was heartbreaking, both figuratively and literally.

But that's not the reason he's Crushworthy. It has nothing to do with his performance or struggle, and everything to do with how exponentially hotter he gets with a beard and his Irish accent. His character bent the law for friends, slept with the enemy, and stole a kiss. The only reason viewers could forgive him so easily for his extremely recent transgressions is because of that brogue. Hell, he could probably get away with murder.

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