Saturday, November 17, 2012

FILM TOPIC: Why There Should Be Another Twilight Triology After Breaking Dawn Part 2

There are a lot of weeping Twihards leaving theaters this weekend, mourning the ending of the Twilight adaptation, a romantic vampire saga that started four years ago. Meanwhile, the rest of the film-loving universe are all too happy to never hear the words "Team Jacob" or "Team Edward" ever again. Unfortunately, I think their celebration is a bit premature.

If you've managed to get through the books, you know the last movie, as well as the rest, did not succeed in covering everything that was written. In fact, the films breeze through much of the backstory and supernatural details. They tell you what you need to know to comprehend the climax of each installment. They don't delve too deeply into werewolf lore, specifically imprinting and pack symbiosis. They don't thoroughly explore the backstories of the supporting vampire characters, specifically Carlisle and Jasper. And they don't fully expose you to the wonder that was Renesmee's first few weeks of telepathic life.

But even if we were to accept all of that being left on the cutting room floor in favor of Bella-worshiping and Volturi-fearing, this last film spent more time introducing viewers to new supernatural beings than ever before. It didn't occur to me until I actually saw the film how awesome it would be to see all those gifted vampires, with powers ranging from manipulating the elements to giving people hallucinations, in action again. Or to see a film that's devoted solely to Renesmee and Jacob's love story, from the end of the battle to the day she's old enough to actually reciprocate romantic feelings. We've never actually seen or read a complete werewolf love story in the Twilight universe, and given how obsessive werewolves are and how dorky Jacob can be, I imagine it would be hilarious. Plus, the only other member of her kind could round out their love triangle, and give Jacob competition once again. Then there's also the fact that this film introduces two vampires who were overthrown by the Volturi and are desperate to regain their position. Their quarrel is not resolved by the end, and they will surely regroup and retaliate. Would that not be a rebellion worth watching, especially if an older, vengeful Renesmee gets caught in the middle again? We've yet to discover all that she can do.

That brings me to the most enticing of the spinoff-able subplots: the mere existence of a half-human, half-vampire. It's a new breed. And one member of that breed has a werewolf for a soul mate, which means that in the future there will be a vampire-werewolf-human in existence. How could you possibly pass up telling that story? Underworld tried, and bored us to tears. I'm sure the lady who inspired thousands of teenagers to devote more time to a love triangle than they have on their own education can whip together another trilogy before the youngest of them finish puberty.

And if the audience I sat with this Friday night, the mob of Twihards who cheered sadistically every time a Volturi member's head was snapped off and giggled whenever Jacob's bizarre obsession with a toddler was addressed, are any indication of just how much they love this series, I bet by the end of this weekend there will be a slew of fanfiction trilogies exploring every single one of these potential spinoffs. So as much as it might pain me to say this, it aint over yet.

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  1. I would love to see another trilogy. I was actually expecting Carlisle's story to be covered in Breaking Dawn, but I guess the focus is on Edward and Bella.