Saturday, November 17, 2012

TV TOPIC: The Reason the CW's "Emily Owens, M.D." Might Get Cancelled

Sex. That's it. Sex. If you watch adult, prime time television, you will discover that people like to have sex. Warriors on "Game of Thrones" like to have sex, sometimes even mid-battle. Teenagers on "Secret Life of the American Teeanger" like to have sex. New moms on "How I Met Your Mother" like to have sex. Old people on "Mike and Molly" like to have sex. Dead people on "Vampire Diaries" like to have sex. And doctors, all doctors, on all doctor shows like to have sex, whether it's the super-serious and critically acclaimed "ER" or the incredibly sappy, jumped-the-shark-two-seasons-ago "Grey's Anatomy," they all have active libidos. So tell me, how is it that there have been four episodes, and the closest that anyone has gotten to getting it on on "Emily Owens, M.D." is Justin Hartley changing his shirt in slow motion and a brood of teenage girls suffering from an STD outbreak? Seriously? On the network that featured a "Gossip Girl" ad campaign with mid-coitus shots emblazoned with the acronym OMG. Really?

Look no further than this glaringly obvious missing component when you start to wonder why the ratings are so bad and the network, a network with notoriously lackluster ratings, wouldn't give it another shot, when it seems to give "90210" and, honestly, nearly every other series multiple shots. It doesn't matter that Mamie Gummer is extremely talented—far too talented for such an unchallenging role, in my opinion—or that both Hartley and Michael Rady are so adorable. Audiences, especially ones who watch the CW, are accustomed to a little sexual intrigue. This is no longer the age of "7th Heaven." Even ABCFamily, the network with the word "family" in it has sex scenes. So if you're going to hit us with the "My So Called Life" meets "Grey's Anatomy" internal monologue and cast hot guys, at the very least give us something worth listening to and looking at. At this point, priests get more action than your characters do.

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