Saturday, November 17, 2012

Post-Mortem: CBS Cancelled "Partners"

Totally called it. Sure, it got better. Brandon Routh became the appropriate amount of dry for his deadpan one-liners. Michael Urie's campy bug-eyes grew on you. And you somehow managed to pretend that Sophia Bush would ever, in a million years, give David Krumholtz the time of day—let alone access to her vagina. But, in the end, it just wasn't funny enough.

No worries though. It wasn't a massive waste of time. "One Tree Hill" and "Ugly Betty" uber fans got to spend some quality time with their favorite divas, Bush and Urie. Krumholtz got to flex his funny bone. And Routh may have finally shook off the stench of Superman failure. Maybe. Too soon to tell. Nonetheless, I'm sure they'll find their footing eventually.

I love Sophia Bush. While I may have given up on "One Tree Hill" after season 2, I never gave up on Sophia. She was the highlight of that series, which is why I gave "Partners" a shot in the first place. But I'm hoping, given her new-found freedom, she might possibly find a more female-friendly gig on a romance-oriented series. I'm thinking she, Joanna Garcia ("Animal Practice"), and the newly jilted Rachael Taylor ("666 Park Avenue") could make a go of it on Showtime or HBO. It's been 8 years since "Sex and the City" ended, and no series has successfully replaced it. And now that we all agree the films have tainted its legacy, there's no time like the present.

Michael Urie is a comedic delight. He could easily make a fantastic supporting character in any ensemble dramedy—just not one with too many characters. I'm not talking "Smash" or "Once Upon a Time," more like "Bunheads," "Girls," or "Episodes." Broadway would be awesome too. His kind of energy is very theatre-friendly.

I never saw "Numb3rs," but I did catch David Krumholtz in the doomed-from-the-start mystery drama "The Playboy Club." It was surprising how comfortable he was playing a slimy club owner with a thuggish Chicago accent. He could easily slither into the "Boardwalk Empire" cast without missing a beat. I do believe, however, he's still got a gig on "The Newsroom" as Will's therapist, which I do enjoy. Actually, I just enjoy someone taking Will off his high-horse every now and then.

Last, but not least, Brandon Routh...well, baby steps. Personally, I think he'd make a beautiful Abercrombie & Fitch or Ralph Lauren model, but if he insists on speaking, maybe he could play Prince Eric on "Once Upon a Time." Come on, doesn't he look like Ariel's dog-loving mermaid-romancer? Also, it might be hilarious if he guest-starred on "Big Bang Theory" as some dopey meathead that has a thing for Amy. He would look like a giant next to those nerds, and Amy deserves to get her groove on after putting up with Sheldon for this long.

Regardless of where this quartet ends up, I wish them the best of luck during pilot season.

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