Saturday, November 17, 2012

Post-Mortem: USA Network Cancelled "Fairly Legal"

This isn't a plea for the USA Network to reconsider their decision. There's no petition for you to sign at the end of this post. I never watched this show. I'm strictly here to attest to the fact that Sarah Shahi was not to blame.

I know, I know. Who else could it be? It was her show. She was starring in it. All action revolved around her main storyline. I get that. The thing is Sarah Shahi is awesome. My Sarah Shahi. The one from NBC's prematurely cancelled "Life," who played a badass cop. The Iranian-Mexican born Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi. Not the one who spent the last year being girly and exasperated. I don't know that chick. I'm aware that she has been around for a while, in "Alias" and "The L Word," but I prefer my Sarah Shahi. And I kind of want her back.

Next year she'll be costarring with Sylvester Stallone and Jason Momoa in the action crime thriller Bullet to the Head, playing a damsel in distress—gag me—so here's where I'd much rather see her next:

• She could easily fill the void that Lexy and Teddy left on "Grey's Anatomy" by playing a new tough-as-nails Pediatrics director, who seems completely oblivious to Alex's charms, but is obsessed with Dr. Hunt. I kind of get the feeling this might already be happening with one of the new interns, but she's hardly worthy.

• Raylan isn't exactly succeeding in the romance department on "Justified" and he technically doesn't have a partner. Given how much trouble he's been getting himself in and the broken rules that are piling up, I don't see why he can't be assigned a new partner/babysitter to keep him in line.

• Ever since Maggie was promoted on "The Newsroom," Will hasn't replaced her yet. Shahi could be his new whipsmart assistant who befriends the practically-friendless Sloane, and catches both Don and Jim's eye.

• USA Network's "Common Law" is severely lacking in estrogen. I think they're due for a female detective to be added to the roster. She could even be a new addition to their therapy group.

• Considering how tense it was during the finale of "Suits" this summer, what with the backstabbing and double-crossing partner voting, I think Jessica could use a new ally, and Rachel a female mentor.

Until her agent gets it right, I recommend streaming "Life" on Netflix.

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