Friday, April 04, 2008

VIDEO: Ashlee Simpson's "Little Miss Obsessive"

In two weeks, Ashlee Simpson's third album Bittersweet World will hit iTunes, but I'm not quite sure if anyone plans on downloading it. Her first single "Outta My Head" didn't even break into the top 10. And I just discovered her second single, "Little Miss Obsessive" in a Youtube advertisement. Even though it was released on the second week of March, it hasn't made it onto any of the US charts yet. This does not bode well for Ashlee's attempt at a new sound.

She's veering into more of an alternative punk sound with a side of pop dance rhythms. It's been well-publicized that she's collaborated with unlikely matches, from Timbaland to Gym Class Heroes' Travis McCoy. And this single just so happens to be a duet with Tom Higgenson of The Plain White T's. Since her first single, which was produced by Timbaland, and one leaked called "Murder," which was produced by Travis, hasn't relaunched her career yet, it's unlikely that a little back up from one of the summer's breakout artists is going to do much good. However, after listening to it I realized one thing: She sounds better when she sings with another person or a group. So maybe she should consider letting her band in on the vocals on the next album...if there's going to be one. Listen for yourself:

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