Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TV: "Bones" Season Finale Surprise

Whereas some of you may have not been duped into believing that Booth died in the first 5 minutes, when in actuality he failed to inform a very pissed off Brennan that it was all a ploy to catch a random killer, how many of you were totally gunning for Sweets and Hodgins as Gormogon's apprentice but were shocked to discover that it was actually Zack? I most certainly was. Does that mean our boy Eric Millegan is out of a job?

and Booth negotiated a lenient sentence for poor manipulated Zack, consisting of a long stay in a psych ward. But does that mean we'll never see him again? I don't see why we can't occasionally stop by his padded room for a bone consult? It was obvious that they were trying to make it seem like Zack was the victim in the entire situation--that he had a weak psyche that was being dominated by a controlling figure--with Hodgins' little brother treatment as he patted him affectionately on the head and the motherly kiss on the forehead that Brennan gave him. Despite the fact that Millegan is actually 33 in real life, he plays young and naive really well, so anything is possible.

In case you forgot, Zack started off the series as Brennan's student/apprentice. But after he got his degree, he ditched her for a new master, Gormogon. During the episode, we were introduced to her class of students that includes several ass kissers. One in particular reconstructed a skeleton whose remains were scattered among thousands, causing Brennan to compliment her for a job well done. Beaming, she says, "I'm the third in my class." And in typical Brennan fashion, she responds, "I'd like the names of the two students in front of you." Hmm. Will those two or even this brown-noser be a new edition to the cast next season as Zack's replacement?

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