Wednesday, June 11, 2008

FILM: How badly do you want to see the next Bond movie?

I really liked Casino Royale and I wasn't in the least bit disappointed by the recast of Daniel Craig as the new James Bond. I like Bond so much that I'll be seeing Sean Connery play him in Dr. No in Bryant Park next Monday for their summer series. But the production team of Quantum of Solace, the second film in the Craig saga, keeps having nearly fatal accidents.

Craig has not only had to be treated with 8 stitches after getting a gash on his face during a car crash, but this week the tip of his finger was sliced off during an action sequence. Like I said, I love Bond, but I don't love him that much. Acting roles shouldn't be deadly. After Brandon Lee was killed by a faulty prop gun in 1993 while shooting The Crow, you would think that Hollywood would be a little more precautious with their talent. It's not like you can finish the movie without him. It's not every day that someone tries to piece together clips from different movies to finish a film like they did with Bruce Lee's Game of Death, after he died unexpectedly from a cerebral edema.

What do you think? How badly do you want to see the next Bond movie?

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