Wednesday, July 02, 2008

FILM: "Hiding Time" comic adaptation

I'm not really a fan of USA's new witness-protection series "In Plain Sight," but maybe if it had a cool premise like Christopher Long's comic book miniseries "Hiding in Time," I'd be a little more interested.

Long's comic is about a new tactic that the Witness Protection Program employs in the future where instead of moving a witness from New York to Utah or Miami to Albuquerque, they move them from July 2nd, 2008 to July 2nd, 2000, relocating extremely important individuals to the past. Tell me that's not wicked cool.

Oh, and it gets better. If you've seen the sci-fi thriller Deja vu with Denzel Washington or even Minority Report, then you know that government projects that involve time traveling tend to go wrong. Well, "a government scientist must travel back through the greatest moments in history to help a master thief rescue his old crew from the assassins sent back by their former employer." Again, pretty cool. But, of course, there's plenty of room for error (See Timeline).

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