Wednesday, July 02, 2008

FILM: New in Theaters - 7/1-7/4

You've probably seen enough press about Will Smith's Hancock to know that there's a whole lot of action in it. (No worries PETA, that whale being flung back into the ocean was fake.) But what isn't really publicized that much is that Smith's hero figure is the last of his kind, and his reason for abusing alcohol is that he's immortal and everyone he chooses to love ends up dying eventually, which is depressing. He is very much afflicted by that Clark Kent-"Smallville" complex. Jason Bateman plays a publicist who feels the need to repay Hancock for saving his life by revamping his reputation. Meanwhile, Charlize Theron who plays Bateman's neglected wife, develops feelings for Hancock. Scandalous.

For those not in the mood for yet another action movie, there are three indies available for your viewing pleasure. The Wackness has been getting a lot of press for the Ben Kingsley-Mary Kate Olsen kiss, but what it should be promoted for is the amazing performance by Josh Peck, a Nickelodeon alum. Even in the trailer you can tell that he's really good at pulling off an NYC, 90s, pot-dealer persona. And while most of the press about the character centers on his side hustle, the hip-hop-infused soundtrack, and the era, you should also know that he pays for therapy sessions with pot to talk about his depression, his eccentric therapist (Kingsley) basically encourages him to get a life--preferably one that involves sex--and he falls for his therapist's step-daughter (Juno's Olivia Thirlby). The film also stars Famke Janssen (X-Men), Method Man, and Aaron Yoo (Disturbia). Enjoy:

Then there's Kabluey, a black comedy written, directed, and starring Scott Prendergast. His character moves in with his sister-in-law (Lisa Kudrow) to help her care for her two little rascals while his brother is in Iraq. He takes a humiliating job as a corporate mascot to help out with the bills and meets a few characters along the way. It also stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (P.S. I Love You) and Chris Parnell ("30 Rock"). Watch the trailer:

Lastly, Matthew Broderick brings us yet another indie dramedy. In Diminished Capacity, he plays a journalist, who takes a sabbatical because he's suffering from memory loss. During a visit to see to see his Alzheimer's-impaired uncle (Alan Alda) and his ex (Sideways' Viriginia Madsen), he attempts to get rich by selling a rare baseball card at a memorabilia convention. Get it? Memory loss + Alzheimer's patient + memorabilia = botched deal. Bobby Cannavale (Will's cop boyfriend on "Will & Grace") plays one of the buyers' who rips the old guy off. There's also some awkward flirting between Broderick and Madsen that should make for more than a few laughs.

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