Sunday, October 05, 2008

TV Highlights: 90210, Dirt Sexy Money, One Tree Hill, Privileged, & Ugly Betty

I stand by my belief that no one will ever top Blair Waldorf as the bitchiest bitch of them all, but Naomi came mighty close this week when she effortlessly destroyed her father's credibility with his homewrecking mistress in less than five minutes of dinner.

Jeremy is my favorite character on the show. He has a twisted sense of reality and has actually imagined that a married woman with a kid would have an affair with him. And what's even more hilarious is that he thinks these words would clinch his chances: "You kissed me a little. I mean it wasn't The Notebook, but..." First of all Jeremy, no one in that movie was married with a kid. Second of all, you are not Ryan Gosling. Stop dreaming.

What's better than Fatal Attraction-love? Pyschotic nannies, that's what. Nanny Carrie's master plan to kidnap Jamie finally went into full effect in the last ten minutes of the episode. Haylie was easily lured to her country house where a chase through the corn fields culminated in the most high-intensity assault initiated by a grandmother in the history of television. lol Forget that Dan shot her...twice, Deb was the one who struck the first blow, clocking her in the head with a champagne bottle that shattered against the bridge of her nose and bloodied her face. Priceless.

Sage referred to Rose's competition as "The Express," because she "Goes downtown without any stops."

I nearly died laughing when Amanda sang this lullaby to Mark: "Hush little homo, don't you cry, mama's going to steal you a Prada tie. And, of course, I laughed when they talked back to Betty with helium voices.

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