Saturday, October 04, 2008

TV Topic: Lipstick Jungle's Victory

Usually when I watch a TV show I grow attached to one particular character, and of the three lovely ladies in this series, I mainly enjoyed watching Nico's storyline, because of her hot ass lover Kirby. I would've steered towards Victory, but not only is her romantic interest kind of old enough to be her dad, but Lindsay Price's voice inflections never actually matched her facial expressions. She's only 31, so I was confused as to why her face never moved. This season, however, there's movement all over the place--full-on smiles even. I don't know if that's because of her new lover, the famous Puerto Rican singer Carlos Ponce, who's playing her contractor or if the producers told her to lay off the botox. Either way, I like.

I also very much enjoyed the banter between her and Nico:
Nico: "Was it a date? Date adjacent? Vic, get some radar and stop being so discrete."
Victory: "I'm from Ohio!"

But the best bit was between her and her assistant Josh, who wasn't even aware he was in a bit. He has been slacking on his duties, which wouldn't be noticeable if he wasn't so damn good at his job. It turns out that his significant other maxed out his credit cards and left him so broke he can't afford an apartment (i.e. a place to get his shit together before work). The key words in the last sentence are "significant other." A guy as dapper as Josh could very easily be perceived as gay, but that would be politically incorrect to just assume. So instead of just asking him whether or not his ex was a girl or a guy, Victory makes a very clever observation that we witness later: "He was seeing someone named Chris, but he's not so big on the pronouns." So when she finally confronted him about his flakiness, we were subjected to two excruciating minutes of coyness. And once he uttered the word "him," I nearly lept from my seat, screaming "FINALLY!!!" If they keep this up they might actually crawl out from under Sex and the City's shadow.

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