Saturday, October 04, 2008

TV Topic: Gossip Girl's Chuck has mommy issues

I don't know if I was expecting Chuck's dad to have a better reason for treating him like crap or if I just didn't sympathize with him. The my-wife-died-in-labor-and-now-I-hate-my-kid bit has been done before, but the idea that Bart Bass actually loved someone enough to hold a grudge is unfathomable. It's more believable that he's just angry because for once he couldn't have what he wanted. Poor Chuck's had to suffer all of his life--begging for the affection and approval of a cold-hearted bastard, a man who dug through Lily's past so that none of her "indiscretions" ever destroyed his reputation. I can't wait to hear what was so horrible it had to be concealed in a manila envelope. Here's hoping there's an illegitimate child out there somewhere--a new play friend for Chuck to commiserate with, because it's clear that he won't be becoming bffs with Dan.

Apparently, he doesn't take kindly to someone using him to enrich their short story's content. Who would? I'm really bummed that Dan and Chuck didn't hit it off. I was hoping the both of them would stop moping around because of their ex's--who've impressively moved on already, relatively anyway--and finally make a friend. Homeless people have more friends than they do. Convicted murderers have more friends than they do.

I'll just have to take comfort in knowing that in the next episode the boys will be hazed and humiliated when they visit Yale, and Serena and Blair are going to get into the cattiest fight they can muster for Upper East Siders with $200 manicures.

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