Monday, November 24, 2008

BUZZ: Another X-Men Spinoff, I Am Legend Sequel, New Hulk Villain, The Host Remake, and more

Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer was cast as an agent on "Chuck" that'll eliminate the conflict of interest between Sarah and Chuck by replacing her as one of his bodyguards.
• Check out the extended version of last week's "The Office" episode online. • Jackie Chan signs on for a Pacifier-carbon-copy called The Spy Next Door, where he plays an agent who has to protect his adolescent neighbors, because one of them accidentally downloads a top secret code.
• Universal tapped some no-name director to remake the Korean monster thriller The Host, which was incredibly well-acted, funny, and dramatic--yet again, one of many completely unnecessary remakes.
• "The O.C." and "Gossip Girl" scribe Josh Schwartz has been tapped to write a spinoff to The X-Men saga that'll focus on a younger generation. Some are saying it might be a prequel featuring a young Cyclops and Storm. What I'm most interested in is how someone who specializes in dramatizing the lives of the rich and vapid could possibly capture the underdog persona of these mutant teens. I love "Gossip Girl" and I love X-Men, but I don't love them to-ge-ther. I guess the minimal amount of practice that he has creating characters like Ryan, Seth, and Dan--compared to the enormous amount of socialites he's brought to life--will help him tap into the essence of the outcast.
Will Smith felt the need to clarify that he's not signed on for a remake of Oldboy, but an adaptation of the comic...because there's a huge difference. Needless to say, there better be.
• Speaking of the box-office-guaranteed-grosser, Smith no longer has the I Am Legend prequel on his schedule, since they scrapped his idea and replaced it with a sequel plot. Hmmm, *spoiler* didn't he die in that movie? What is he, a ghost? Did they clone him? Is he going to speak to us in flashbacks or surveillance recordings? Where are they going with this?
• So far, all the writers of the Sex and the City sequel can tell us is that Carrie will not be experiencing motherhood. You know, because it might get in the way of all of her own whining.
Tim Blake Nelson, who played the doctor who tried to help Edward Norton's incarnation of The Hulk character subdue the beast and was subsequently infected with the virus, has been tapped to reprise his role in the sequel, this time as the villain known as Leader.

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