Thursday, December 04, 2008

BUZZ: Stewart as Joan Jett, Dorota's Spinoff, Elle's Fate on "Heroes," and more

• During an AOL Unscripted interview with the cast of Twilight, Kristen Stewart hinted towards a passion project she was dying to get started on but could not reveal the name of. Chances are she was referring to being cast as Joan Jett in an upcoming biopic called The Runaways. No worries Twilight fans, they plan on working around the two sequels she's committed to.
• On a related note, after finally reading EW's Twilight cover article, I've come to the conclusion that Robert Pattinson is going to be one of those method actors filled with destructive tendencies. Read it--you'll see that he's like a kid who sets fires just to watch things burn.
• There's a 10-minute short called BURN-E on the WALL-E DVD about the one person who the little robot doesn't have a good effect all.
• For The Tourist, Charlize Theron will play an "Interpol agent who's after an elusive criminal," but "ends up ensnaring an unwitting American tourist in her pursuit--a move that puts his life on the line." Tom Cruise will play the tourist.
Keanu Reeves might be returning for Speed 3.

• Following in the tradition of other TV shows, "Gossip Girl" will start streaming their own webisodes on their website, starring the one-and-only Dorota.
Kristen Bell's character, Elle, on "Heroes" is definitely dead.
• "Reaper" returns Tuesday, March 17th.
Bethany Joy Galeotti and Chad Michael Murray will direct episodes of "One Tree Hill."

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