Tuesday, December 02, 2008

TV Highlights: Powers Return on "Heroes," Memories on "Fringe," and more

• This episode was mostly about having regret for taking powers for granted. Claire admitted, while dying from a bullet wound infection, "I'm just a stupid teenager. I thought I could be more." She started to value the gift of not feeling pain and being able to survive anything. But I think the most important tidbit of her imminent death actually was that because she's never been sick before, she has no immunities, which could really come back to bite her in the ass later. Luckily, to no one's surprise--except of course these idiot heroes and villains--her and everyone else's powers returned once the eclipse was over. Duh! Really? Who didn't see that coming? That aside, what does the sun have to do with their powers? Are they like plants? Is this an environmental statement? If they go to a planet with more than one sun will they be more powerful? Get to the point already. And would somebody, ANYBODY find a doctor more competent than Suresh!! Please! He can't be our only hope. He has no clue what he's doing and doesn't really seem that devoted to figuring it out either.
Seth Green and the idiot from Garfield (Breckin Meyer) have a story arc that takes place in a comic book store that sells the issues that Isaac drew, which tell Hiro's future. Does anybody else wonder why they don't just skip to the last page? Seriously? Flip through the images maybe? How long could this comic be? I love that they had the balls to end with an allusion to the fact that there's one final comic in the series out there somewhere. Couldn't Hiro just teleport to the time period where Isaac gave it to some random messenger and take it? Nonetheless, I understand that the purpose of Green and Meyer was to add a certain fan-based spokesperson to the series, so I'll let it slide. Especially, since I liked Seth's speech about how Hiro made it seem like even "a lowly office drone can make a difference...you just have to believe." That is what "Heroes" is all about. Now only if they'd actually remember that.
• Do you believe what HRG said? That the Petrelli's aren't really Sylar's parents? Well, they do both have mind-manipulating abilities. It wouldn't be that surprising if they were screwing with him and his need for approval to create a monster they could control. It would actually be genius...if Sylar could be controlled. Unfortunately, the beginning of the character-cutbacks has begun and Elle is the first casualty. Then again, who knows? Maybe electricity can reattach your brain. *Rolls eyes* Why did she just fry his ass? Was he too close or did she just give in?
• While everyone else is having epiphanies about the value of their powers (that includes Daphne's father-daughter reunion after "overcoming" her cerebral palsy again), Nathan decided to take that Eureka moment and completely mutate it into some sick and twisted search for power. He makes this overly dramatic speech about how he should be using his powers to save the world from war and genocide. Noble effort Nathan, but why did you have to abandon Peter in Haiti to do that? You couldn't have dropped him off on your way to Africa? It's in the East just like New York? Do you have a bad back or something? Did you lose your freaking mind? If my brother left me in the middle of a Haitian jungle without powers, bullets, or a translator, I'd disown his messiah-complex-having ass. It's like they went to Haiti to kill one power-hungry psycho and ended up accidentally creating another one--one that builds a super-human army in the next episode, prompting Peter to take him down. That's not going to go over well, especially since someone hands Peter a gun. I have a feeling, one way or another, Nathan is meant to get shot.

• While this was a very Edward/Henry-heavy episode, I found myself even more amused by Raymond/Tom's issues. He handled being normal pretty well when he discovered that his cover-wife had post-dramatic stress syndrome after being robbed at gunpoint while waiting for the light to change. I'm glad Raymond dealt with it instead of Tom. I knew Ray would lay down the law. What was interesting though is that this was the first time Ray had ever talked to his cover-wife in person. I genuinely thought he was the one who seduced her at Thanksgiving, but I guess Tom has a few tricks up his sleeve too. The highlight of their scenes, though, had to be the fact that Ray's way of keeping her happy was by drugging her. Can you imagine telling your husband that you had a bad day at work and having him immediately pass you tranquilizers?
Henry was in top form in this episode, cracking me up throughout the episode. See, funny things only happen around Edward, not to Edward. For example, when he went to go kill the guy who gave him fake information about his dead parents, he didn't shoot the golddigger standing in the room, leading to the funniest mad-scramble for freshly purchased loot I've ever seen from a money-grubbing skank. She literally waited patiently as the smoke from his gun dissipated to ask him with her eyes if she could take the goods. Now that's desperation. As for Henry, he was faced with the task of killing Edward's parent's assassinator. Hands down, the funniest part had to be when the therapist had the balls to ask Henry what type of gun Allistair, their boss, had sent him. It's Henry sweetie--it's a black gun. Who the f*ck knows what type of gun it is? Second funniest part had to be when he removed the clip and thought he broke the gun. Even I know that's where all the bullets are.
• In last week's episode, when Henry discovered that his wife wasn't cheating on him, I realized that the person she fell in love with in college wasn't Henry, it was Edward. Everything she credited to saving their marriage had to do with Edward, not Henry. How sad. He fell for her and she fell for Edward. It's like finding out the girl of your dreams prefers your twin brother--your murderous and socially retarded twin brother.
• This week, we were subjected to a little father-son quarrel, where we were reminded again why it doesn't seem his son Jack inherited anything from him whatsoever. Let us take a moment to revel in how uber hot Taylor Lautner is, overlooking that he's only 16 and praying to God that he gets to be in the Twilight sequel, New Moon.

• The only thing I can think of that's worth mentioning is the scene where Peter and Olivia rush into Walter's hotel room to ask him about safety deposit number patterns and he immediatley assumes that they're waking him because they need the bed...you know, to do it. Priceless Walter. And subtle too.
• Oh yeah and I thought it was pretty cool that Olivia thought she was remembering facts that were actually John's memories--wicked cool.

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