Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BUZZ: Bush Preempts Thursday's Primetime, "Prison Break" Canceled, Chan as Mr. Miyagi, and more

• If it's true that Russell Crowe wants to replace Sienna Miller with someone "older" and "plumper" for the Maid Marian role in his upcoming Robin Hood flick, then I suggest Christina Hendricks (Joan on "Mad Men" and Olivia on "Life"). She's not exactly plump, but she does have just the right amount of va-va-va-voom to spice up the role. She's what I imagine Jessica Rabbit would look like if she were brought to life, Enchanted-style.
George W. Bush will say farewell to the nation Thursday night at 9pm, preempting all the major networks. That's right! Interrupting "The Office" and "Grey's Anatomy"! Since the definition of "preempt" means to take the place of, those of you who were keen on tuning in for what was sure to be a hilarious episode, where Andy would confront Dwight about his affair with Angela, or tuning in for the tense confrontation between Derek and the serial killer who wants to give his intestine to Bailey's young patient, Bush has one final message for you: Tough shit! Fingers crossed--pray the networks have the brainpower to fathom starting the episodes 15 minutes late. So what if the news is shortened. That practically counts as news. Heck! Why can't he just do it during the news? Damn it! On the bright side, both networks upload the episodes online the day after. UPDATE: NBC is reporting that they'll be preempting "Kath & Kim" at 8pm and not messing with our "Office." Hallelujah!
• "Prison Break" was officially canceled. The last recorded season will begin April 17; 4+ are expected.
• You probably already know that Jaden Smith (Pursuit to Happyness) will be starring in the Karate Kid, but it's just been reported that Jackie Chan will play Mr. Miyagi. The only other news about the remake is that it'll be set in China instead of America.

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